Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello and Welcome

Hi everyone,

I have only just created this blogging page so please bear with me until I upload some cards I have made and give you the instructions on how to make any that may take your fancy,

I am inspired to share my work because I feel I am so lucky to have other people share their creativity with me,

In the meantime I am adding a couple of pic's of 2 of my babies, Solomon and Sheba, I decided on these names as I thought they live like royalty so they might as well be named aptly, Solomon is the quiet shy baby while Sheba is the active noisy one some might say "just typical of a female"

I hope you will bookmark this site and come back in a couple of days when I have some cards to share with you...also hope our Australian readers are enjoying their Anzac long week-end and taking time to reflect on all those brave men and women and young lads which lost their lives serving us and also those which returned some maimed and limbless lets wish them all everlasting peace.

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